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Remote Patient monitoring Solution

medical services

Patients can access the platform through web interface or thededicated Patient App which is available on both IOS and Android.

TheApp has the following modules and features:

  • Patient Profile
  • Ai Symptom Checker
  • Online consultations with doctors via voice, or video calls, or in-App text-messages powered by AI technologies.
  • Alerts and Notifications: native App Alert, as well as Email notifications.
  • In-App messages system between physician and patient
  • Connected Health: patient can connect health Apps and home medical devices to obtain information on vital signs, and other health metrics.
  • View Medical History – Visit Details, Notes, Diagnosis, prescriptions
  • Patient’s Records: patient can upload or view medical records including Radiology Images and laboratory results and DICOM files.
  • Personalised Curated content.