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about us

Who We Are And Our Story

About Us

Empowered by the deep understanding of the Middle East and Africa, Worldwide Trading and Investment Group (WTIG) is an innovative, proactive, and progressive “Business Development” company, dedicated to the betterment of people’s lives.

WTIG is registered under the law of Government of Dubai in 1998, and it is led by a team who have been exposed to international business standards & norms and have access to global technologies.

WTIG is embarking upon a diversification strategy to the healthcare sector leveraging its core competency in the consultancy management and projects procurements, in the world of healthcare delivery as well as healthcare digital technology.

Aiming to serve the global community, WTIG is tackling certain challenges facing the health consumer, the care provider, and the payer, with the aim to make healthcare more accessible to individuals while optimizing care delivery and reducing costs to both providers and payers. WTIG is launching a subsidiary under the brand Homepital, offering two solutions to the markets in terms of healthcare delivery empowered by Homepital

TeleHealth digital platform:

  • Homepital - Telehealth platform that will enable the patients and physicians to streamline communication and access to medical data.
  • Homepital – Digital Healthcare Provider – making healthcare delivery more accessible to the community.