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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

medical services

RemotePatient Monitoring is a method of healthcare delivery that uses thelatest advances in information technology togather patient data outside of traditional healthcare settings.

HomepitalRPM solution truly leverages technologies to build the bridge thatspaces between traditional physical setting of healthcare, and wherepeople live, work, and interact every day. It enables people to takecharge of their health by incentivizing them to get engaged inmanaging their healthcare needs. Also, providers and physicians arebetter equipped to understand and manage their patients’ healthsituations, with a more constantstream of data that provides a much clearer picture of the patients’health.

Thereare many benefits of remote patient monitoring (RPM) for Providersand physicians, some of them include:

  • increases the capacity for physicians to treat more patients.
  • Ease of access to patient data
  • Ability to deliver higher-quality care to more patients
  • Lower risk of physician burnout
  • Lowering costs and higher efficiency

Primary Benefits of RPM for Patientsinclude:

  • Better access to healthcare
  • Improve quality of care
  • Improves patient behaviour by making patients more engaged
  • Offers peace of mind and daily assurance
  • Improved support, education, and feedback